October 23, 2019

The Best Paris Veggie Burgers: 5 Best Value Burgers

Where to Get the Best Veggie Burgers in Paris


Ah the veggie burger, that delectable sandwich that combines two of the top trends in food in Paris right now: burger joints and vegetarian restaurants. But if it’s become increasingly easy to find restaurants that serve veggie burgers in Paris, it’s not always easy to find the good ones.

Luckily, Guillaume from the blog Burger Vegetarian is here to help. I think it’s safe to say that Guillaume has a certain expertise when it comes to the best Paris veggie burgers. Since he started his blog in 2013, he’s been testing veggie burgers all over Paris. So far, he’s featured thirty burgers on his site. And since Free in Paris is all about saving money in Paris, Guillaume has prepared us a list that highlights the best deals on the tastiest veggie burgers in Paris.

1. Hamler’s 

Price – Veggie burger: 6.90 €, meat burger: 4.90 €

Hamler’s offers elaborate burgers with a focus on the quality of the ingredients. For the house veggie burger, the meat patty is replaced with a homemade patty that includes melted cheddar and onions that have been fried to ensure the burger maintains the perfect form. And for only 2.90€ more, you can get a side order of the house fries.

>> Website

2. VG 

Price – Around 6-7 euros the burger, burger+fries+drink= 9.90 

VG is one of the few restaurants in Paris that specializes in veggie burgers. The ingredients are fresh and the burger options are original (ramen burger!). Your fries are often cut and cooked in front of you, so you can be sure they’re really fresh. Plus, everything on the menu is vegan friendly.

>> Website

3. Bioburger  

Price – Starting at 6.10 €
Bioburger is a completely organic restaurant that replaces the hamburger patty with organic provençal style tofu. If you add an order of fries (2.20€), you can get your entire meal for less than 9 euros. What we love: their fries and the .50€ discount for vegetarians.

>> Website

4. Hank

Price – 7€/burger

Hank is one of the rare strictly vegan burger spots in Paris. It’s a unique and delicious endeavor that attempts to bring together organic, healthy, homemade burgers and environmental responsibility, all in an 11 euro special.  The special bonus? Labor-intensive sauces that give each burger its own personality. We recommend Hank’s even to non-vegetarians.

>> Website

5. East Side Burgers

Price – 6,60 € for a burger and 4 € for a hot-dog.
East Side Burgers was the first vegetarian fast food restaurant in Paris. It’s also the most famous. On a menu that says fast food through and through, you’ll find vegan croquettes, cheese nuggets and hot dogs in addition to the burger menu. Everything on the menu has vegetarians in mind and it’s also vegan-friendly. Special mention goes to the cheesecake.

>> Website

So there you have it. The next time you have a craving for a veggie burger in Paris, you’ll know exactly where to go to get a good deal on a tasty burger. Personally, I can’t wait to try a burger from Hamler’s.  How about you? Have you ever eaten a veggie burger in Paris?

**Be sure to check out Guillaume’s website for more veggie burger reviews as well as his helpful map of restaurants serving veggie burgers.


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