May 26, 2019

Miamtag: The Paris Brunch delivery service for those on a budget

Miamtag is an affordable Paris brunch delivery service that also offers Fresh produce and other meals.

Brunch in Paris

Le brunch is a Sunday institution in Paris. From the trendy brunch spots that regularly sprout up in the city, to the established restaurants with set brunch menus, there are more than 300 brunch options to choose from on Sunday morning. But if you want a table at one of the best brunch spots in the city, you’ll have to either get there early to beat the crowds or reserve ahead of time. Plus, if you do finally get a table, your standard brunch will cost upwards of 35 euros per person.

While I love a good Paris brunch as much as the next person, sometimes it can all seem to move away from the true spirit of brunch—or how I see it anyway. Call me a purist, but my favorite things about brunch have always been being able to sleep in and the spontaneous guilty-treat feel of eating breakfast later in the day, preferably a breakfast prepared by someone else.

Ever the brunch enthusiast, I was excited when I learned about Miamtag, a Paris-based food delivery service that features a brunch option. Could this be the solution to my brunch dilemma? I decided to give the service a try and find out.

The Test

Last Sunday was the perfect occasion for me to try Miamtag. I’d slept in until 10 a.m. and while hungry, I wasn’t exactly motivated to make something to eat. Ordering brunch for two on the Miamtag website was easy. Though I didn’t choose it, when it was time to finalize the order, I was impressed by the idea of the “tranquility option,” in which the delivery person would only ring the doorbell once—so as not to disturb—before leaving the order at the front door.

Miamtag Brunch in ParisShortly after, brunch was delivered by a friendly delivery man and it was time to dig in. The meal included: smoked salmon, ham, one large baguette, strawberry and blueberry jam (I much preferred the blueberry), butter, two nectarines and fresh squeezed orange juice. There was also tzatziki sauce, a lemon and dill for the salmon. Surprisingly, there was only one yogurt for the order for two people and the person who prepared the order seemed to have forgotten to add the honey that was supposed to be included in the brunch. In the end though, with everything else, there was more than enough food.

Besides the tasty food, what I loved most about my brunch delivery experience was the price: everything I mentioned above came in at a total of 20 euros for two people. Sure, you could make brunch yourself for less, but it’s half the price of most restaurant options. Plus, having brunch delivered felt like a luxury, like hotel room service delivered to my front door. I would definitely order from Miamtag again.

What about you? Do you love brunch? Have you ever had it delivered?

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