September 19, 2019

Donate Your Old Clothes to H&M and Get a Coupon for 15% Off

Get a 15% off coupon when you donate a bag of old clothes to H&M stores in Paris.

H&M is known for its trendy low priced clothing. But there’s another way the retail superstore can help you save money, this time while doing something positive for the environment. Simply take a bag of your old clothes (regardless of their brand or state of wear) to a participating H&M store in Paris. You’ll get a 15% off coupon that you can use during your next H&M shopping trip. Note that each bag must contain a minimum of three articles and that stores accept a maximum of two bags per person per day.

Donated clothes are handled in one of three ways:

  • Clothes that can still be worn are sold second-hand.
  • Unwearable clothing and textiles are transformed into other products such as cleaning cloths.
  • Everything else is transformed into fiber textiles or used for another purpose (as insolation, for example).

GParis H&M couponiven some of its past scandals, some may be hesitant to believe that the store’s sustainability focus is completely disinterested, but H&M states on its site that it does not profit from the collected clothing and that all profits go to humanitarian organizations.

How the H&M Coupon Program Works

So what’s the catch? The coupons are only good for a limited time (usually about a year). The new coupon program is more flexible and beneficial to the consumer than previous offers. In the past, the coupon program offered coupons for 5 € and required a minimum spending of 30€ per coupon. Additionally, only one coupon could be used at a time. Today, each 15% off coupon applies to a specific item. Up to two coupons can be used for the same purchase (for two separate items).

Find out more about the “Why Waste Fashion”? program here.






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