May 27, 2019

Les Petites Tables: Your Guide to Quality Parisian Restaurants for 10 Euros or Less

Les Petites Tables provides regular reviews of restaurants in Paris offering meals under 10 euros.

Finding a great place to eat in Paris isn’t so hard. Finding a great place to eat in Paris for 10 euros or less? Now that’s a challenge. But this hefty task hasn’t fazed Parisians Romain and Thomas, the two friends behind the site Les Petites Tables. The concept for their site is simple: find and test the best restaurants in Paris that offer inexpensive quality meals. So far the pair has uncovered almost 80 Parisian restaurants offering meals at 10 euros or less!

The site has become quite popular among Parisians (as of September 2016, the site has more than 26,000 Facebook fans) and has been a boon for previously little-known local restaurants in Paris. One restaurant owner says that at least 15% of his clientèle can be attributed to Les Petites Tables. Currently, Les Petites Tables is only available in French, but even if you don’t understand the text, you’ll easily understand its visually appealing pictures of meals and its map presentation of recommended restaurants. The site’s clickable map organizes Parisian restaurants based on four regions. You can also choose among several categories of restaurants: design, fast-good, world, insolite (unusual), romantic, and traditional.

A delicious and filling meal at Street Bangkok for only 10 euros!

The Test: Street Bangkok

To test Les Petites Tables out, I went to one of the site’s recommended restaurants, Street Bangkok. Tucked away near the Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th district,  Street Bangkok featured neon lights and a young crowd. The restaurant was full when we arrived, but we were quickly seated. The service was excellent and the food delicious and ample. My total for the evening? 10 euros, just as Les Petites Tables promised. What’s even better is that the restaurant’s 10 euro offer includes a free ginger lemonade at lunchtime (I went at night).

I’m eager to try other restaurants recommended by the online guide and to see what’s next for Les Petites Tables. This paradise for foodies on a budget has big projects in store including an app and paper guide. In the meantime, you can take advantage of their website’s regularly updated posts on where to eat in Paris for 10 euros or less.  Try Les Petites Tables for yourself.


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