May 27, 2019

OfficeRiders, an affordable workspace option for freelancers in Paris

What do you get when you combine the concept behind Airbnb with the coworking movement? The answer is OfficeRiders. Thanks to this affordable workspace option, individuals can rent out their apartments during the day through an online platform. While it may seem like the sharing economy space is full, OfficeRiders offers a new twist on the popular apartment share model. But OfficeRiders doesn’t target vacationers who are looking for somewhere to sleep at night during their trip. Instead, it offers independents and remote workers a homey and affordable place to work in peace during the day.


How it works

So far, the platform is most active in Paris, though it does serve a few other cities in France. But just as Airbnb has become a household name worldwide, OfficeRiders seems to be set up with international expansion in mind. In fact, the company’s French founders came up with the idea for the business while in San Francisco.

From the perspective of those renting out their apartments for the day, it’s easy to see the draw of OfficeRiders. Hosts earn easy money without the potentially awkward experience of sharing one’s living space with a stranger in the evenings. But the service is also an appealing option for the “riders,” those who rent the coworking spaces made available on the site. OfficeRiders promises rates that are 50% lower than the lowest market option. The spaces can also be rented for events or film shootings.



Since I’ve been in Paris, I’ve had quite a few jobs that involved remote work. OfficeRiders seems like an interesting alternative to the crowded cafés with expensive drinks and no Wifi I’ve had to deal with in the past. I’m thinking I might give it a try.

What about you? Would you try OfficeRiders?

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