May 8, 2021

Affordable Yoga in Paris

Affordable Yoga in ParisWhere to Find Affordable Yoga in Paris

Working out in Paris can be an expensive endeavor. Yoga and fitness classes typically cost 15€-25€ per session, which can quickly add up when you’re on a budget. So what’s a fitness enthusiast to do? Why not try Affordable Yoga and Fitness? This international fitness community offers fitness and yoga in Paris for only 6€ per one hour session. First time members can even get unlimited access to classes for one month for only 30€!

The concept behind Affordable Yoga and Fitness was created in 2013 by Anna Khuade. A British/Russian expat looking for affordable yoga classes in Paris, Anna was shocked to learn how expensive yoga classes in Paris were. Having quit her corporate job to become a health and fitness professional, Anna decided to take on the challenge of offering affordable yoga classes in Paris. But she didn’t invest in a studio. Instead, she decided to hold her classes in locations throughout the city. This allowed her to save money and pass on that savings to her students.

Anna started by teaching three classes a week which she promoted on Soon word spread and she had to take on other teachers. Today, the community includes 7,000 yoga and fitness enthusiasts taught by twenty teachers offering 30 classes a week. In addition to yoga, classes now include a variety of options like ballet barre or the Zumba style workshop Dance’N’Shape.

Affordable Yoga and Fitness doesn’t just offer low-priced fitness classes. It is also a great place for recent expats or frequent Paris visitors to meet other members of the international community. After class, participants often go to a nearby café to chat.

So if you’re looking to get in shape or meet other internationals in Paris, check out Affordable Yoga and Fitness to learn more.

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