May 8, 2021

Circul’Livre: The Free Book Exchange Program in Paris

Circul’Livre is a free initiative to promote reading and social cohesion through the free exchange of books.

circul'livreIf you like reading and you live in Paris, you need to head to your local Circul’Livre! The free book exchange program allows readers to share their favorite books with their neighbors. The idea started in 2004 in the 12th district of Paris when the Bel-Air Sud neighborhood council was looking for ways to create a sense of community among local inhabitants. What developed was an indirect book exchange among neighbors. Volunteers then created the association Circul’Livre to organize the practice and the program soon spread to other Paris neighborhoods and even other cities in France.

How Circul’Livre Works

The idea behind the Circul’Livre book exchange program is simple. Local community members donate books which are then made available to the public for free during regular Circul’Livre events. You’ll find a wide selection of genres in a variety of languages. There is only one rule. After reading the books, the association asks that you put the book back in circulation for others to read, by leaving the book in a public place or at a Circul’Livre book donation point.  You’ll recognize a Circul’Llivre book by its stamp with the association’s logo.

Also, f you’re thinking of donating your old books to the Circul’Livre program, know that the goal of the association isn’t simply serve as a repository for old books. The motto of the association is “lecture en partage” (shared reading). The idea is that participants will share their favorite books for others to enjoy and get to know other members of their community in the process.

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