May 8, 2021

Travel By Bus to 5 European Cities for 99‎€

Flixbus is offering a 99€ voucher for travel to five European cities.

The Flixbus Interflix Package

Flixbus InterflixParis is a great base for travel to other European cities. For budget savvy travelers, the Flixbus Interflix Package is an inexpensive option worth considering. For €99, you can travel to five European cities. Choose from 900 destinations in 20 countries. Packages are valid for three months and include flexible rebooking services and free wifi on all buses.

To get your package, simply complete the form on the Flixbus website. You will receive five codes which you can redeem when you book a bus trip online (only one code can be used per trip). You can bring one piece of hand luggage and two pieces of baggage on your trip.

This offer seems best for those looking to explore different European cities: you cannot take a return route on the same trip and transfers are not possible. Also, each package is nominative; you cannot share your codes with another person. That means that you cannot let someone else use your codes if you do not use all five trips within the allotted three months.

What is FlixBus?

Launched in 2013, Flixbus quickly grew from a Germany-based startup to the creator of Europe’s largest long-distance bus network. So far, Flixbus has served more than 50 million customers. The company attributes its success to its digitization of traditional bus travel.

Ready to explore Europe by bus? Learn more about Flixbus and the Interflix package here.

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