May 8, 2021

Where to Find the Cheapest Rent in Paris Based on Metro Stops

Looking for an apartment in Paris? Metro map cheapest rent ParisFlatshare service Weroom has developed an index of flatshare rent prices in Paris based on a map of the city’s metro network.

Few things are more stressful in life than moving to a new city. And when it comes to finding an apartment, one factor can loom large in the process of starting your housing search: the price.

Weroom hopes to ease some of that stress for newcomers looking for a flatshare in Paris. The service recently launched a metro-based index of apartment prices throughout the city. Here are a few highlights from their findings:

  • Renting a shared-apartment in Paris costs an average of 650€/month.  Expect to pay at least 600€/month to rent a room in the center of the city.
  • Unsurprisingly, the cheapest options are usually found on the periphery of the city.
  • Flatshares near the metro stop “Porte de Montreuil” have the lowest average cost at 450€/month.
  • The highest average flatshare rates are near the metro Madeleine, no doubt because of its central location and luxury surroundings. The average flatshare rent in this area is 982€.

If you want to pay a little less but still live near a metro, look for an apartment in the near suburbs. But be careful where you look. For example, apartments near la Défense will be much more expensive than those in Créteil.

See the Weroom metro-index and the rest of their findings here.

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