May 8, 2021

Paris Concert Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Free and Inexpensive Concerts in Paris

Paris concertsFrom up-and-coming talent to some of the world’s most famous musical artists, the options for musical entertainment in Paris abound. But if you want to enjoy a great show in the city without spending a lot, you’ll have to know where to look. We’ve got you covered. All this week, we’ll be featuring venues, guides and events for free and inexpensive concerts in Paris. First up, Lylo, the online and paper guide to the Paris music scene.

Lylo: The Insider’s Guide to Concerts in the Paris and Île-de-France

If there’s a concert happening in Paris, chances are it will be listed on Lylo, an online guide for concerts in Paris and Île-de-France. Created in 1994 as a paper guide, Lylo is now available in digital and paper formats (including a mobile app). The guide offers an exhaustive calendar of upcoming concerts and music events in Ile-de-France. Lylo is particularly known for promoting young talent, new venues and inexpensive or free shows.

The Lylo website is only available in French, but is easy to navigate even if you don’t speak French. You can specify your concert search by genre, price and date. Be sure to check out the selection of upcoming free concerts in the city. The Lylo team regularly updates their list of topic concerts, which is helpful given the dozens of concerts that take place everyday in Paris. Finally, Lylo magazine features interviews and music scene news (all in French). You can find the magazine at 350 locations in the Paris region.

>> Lylo Website

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