May 8, 2021

Free Qi Gong Sessions at Parc de la Villette

Discover free classes in Qi Gong, an activity that has roots in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, every Saturday at la Villette. 

Qi Gong

Free Qi Gong in Paris

If you’re looking for a free way to escape from hectic city life, then head to Parc de la Villette for a much more calming environment. There, you’ll find regular Qi Gong sessions organized by local association Dayun. What’s Qi Gong? The practice, which has roots in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, combines posture and breathing exercises with meditation for relaxation and self-healing.  Qi Gong increases flexibility, awakens immunitary defenses, and reduces stress and anxiety. The activity can also be adapted to a variety of fitness levels. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French. You’ll still be able to imitate the group leader’s movements.

Sessions are held every Saturday and alternate between two different types of Qi Gong. “Qi Gong de la Sagesse” has roots in traditions like Buddhism and Confucianism and is a very meditative practice. “Qi Gong au bâton long” on the other hand involves a long stick and improves backaches. It straightens the whole body while gently stretching muscles.

Qi GongMost Saturday sessions are led by Marie Graindorge, a Qi Gong enthusiast with an extensive background in the practice. Three other association members also lead sessions on Wednesdays or when Ms. Graindorge is not available on Saturdays.

Before your first session, send an email to to get a map of the training location as well as guidelines for how to prepare for your first session.

>> Learn more about the sessions and the benefits of Qi Gong on the association Dayun website.


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