May 8, 2021

“Le Troc”: How to Shop in Paris Without Spending Any Money

Savvy shoppers are always looking to save, but nothing beats the best deal of all: free! In Paris, there are a few events and resources that allow you to enjoy free shopping, you just need to know where to look.  One helpful term to know if you’re looking for the latest free shopping events is le troc, the exchange of goods or services without the use of money. Here are three trocs and free shopping events that are worth a visit:

troc ParisLe Grand Troc Culturel du 104: Cultural center Le 104 regularly hosts free exchange events where participants swap unwanted CDs, DVDs, books and more..

Free Troc Parties: Popular event website Paris Friendly hosts themed troc parties featuring clothing, accessories, books and more. Only a limited number of participants can attend (usually 50-70), so you need to reserve your spot online. What’s unique about this event is that you can take as many items as you want as long as you bring 5 items to give away.

Circul’Livre: This initiative was created to promote reading and social cohesion through the free exchange of books.

Shop for free online

There are a number of online hubs for exchanging and donating unused items. The goal of such sites is often to promote sustainable living and community building. Here are a few of the most popular, where you’ll find everything from printers to furniture for free:

Know any other ways to shop for free in Paris? Share in the comments!

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