May 8, 2021

“Le Vide Dressing”: How to Save by Shopping a Parisian’s Closet

Vide dressings allow you to buy stylish clothes at discounted prices.

Have you ever dreamed of shopping a fashionable Parisian’s closet? Well you can, thanks to a little French phenomenon called “le vide dressing.” 

The History of the “Vide Dressing”

vide dressing parisIt all started in 2008* when famous French fashion blogger PunkyB decided to sell clothes from her overflowing wardrobe through an online store. The following year saw the birth of the online portal The site has since become a global community of fashion lovers for buying and selling vintage pieces. But it wasn’t until 2012 when the concept of “le vide dressing” really took off in France. That’s when its increasing popularity helped the trend go from online to the real world. Today, there are regularly “vide dressing” events throughout major French cities.

So what exactly is a “vide dressing” ? “Vide” is French for “empty” and “un dressing” comes from the English word “dressing room.” So basically a “vide dressing” is about clearing out your old clothes. As part of a “vide dressing” event, you can do this by selling your clothes and accessories to others.

Because the items are used, they are less expensive than they would be at a traditional store. Today, there is a “vide dressing” for everyone, from parents looking for new clothes for their kids to fashion addicts looking for great deals on stylish items. A number of the main “vide dressing” events in Paris even feature unused items that come from up-and-coming designers or from those who work in fashion and have access to private sales. One last characteristic of “les vide dressings” to point out is that they are often social events. Many include DJs, beauty treatments, snacks and other activities for participants.

Have you ever participated in a “vide dressing”? Stay tuned for profiles of the different “vide dressing” events held throughout Paris.

Here’s one happening this weekend.

*Much of the information for this post comes from the “vide dressing” module of a MOOC in French on collaborative consumption in fashion. The online course was created as part of the class “Nouvelles Formes de l’Echange Culturel” by Laurence Allard for the Culture and Media program at  Université Lille 3.



  1. I just had the worst experience ever with Videdressing, I am from Germany and their customer service is absolute rubbish! Such rude people and service! The item I ordered arrived stained and they would not reimburse me because I did not take pictures when returning it. It does not say anywhere in their T&C that you need to take pictures for the returns. I would definitely not recommend anyone to buy on their website!

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